Hlynur Þór Árnason

Where is influencer marketing headed in the future?

Today, influencer marketing has gained prominence and has become equivalent to other professions having a niche of its own. This is because of its ability to create connections with people and influence their purchasing and other economic decisions which are important for both big and small businesses. Influencer marketing mostly focuses on the numbers although currently, the end game is shifting and it is not just about audience size anymore (Khamis, Ang & Welling, 2017). Because of this power that influencer marketing has to drive revenues for businesses, we are likely to see more brands coming together in demand for single-source operating systems. This is because the brands do not want to spend money on many influencers hoping for the best. The area of influencer marketing is therefore going to become highly technical in the future.

Another way that influencer marketing is going to shift in the future will involve the emergence of new influencers in the form of artificial intelligence influencers. Because of the inability of physical persons to connect and respond to so many potential customers, brands are going to have to rely on characters that will operate entirely depending on artificial intelligence (Lin, Bruming & Swarna, 2018). Additionally with time it is expected that as influencers continue to increase, the trust that consumers have in them will fade and consumers are likely to demand more authenticity from the influencers before they make a particular decision that the influencer is promoting. This demand for sincerity and accuracy will have the effect of making it very difficult for new marketers since people will be skeptic and take it that the marketing is influenced by heavy commissions and not the honest opinions and experiences of the influencers with the product. These changes that influencer marketing is likely to experience in the future are going to take the industry to an entirely different level.

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