Hlynur Þór Árnason

What’s the impact of working with micro influencers on social media?

Logically, it may seem that having larger followings on social media points to a higher return on investment for a product. However, marketers are beginning to understand that micro influencers who have smaller followings are extremely valuable. This is because of the ability that micro influencers have to drive connection and engagement which will increase the chances of turning a target consumer from being just a potential consumer into an actual consumer of the products (Gustavsson, Suleman & Ishonova, 2018). Micro influencers can manage and maintain more intimate relationships with their audience, which means that the consumers get information from a source they trust resulting in that they will resonate with the message and this will translate into increased sales and a stronger brand.

Micro influencers are also much more affordable to work with when compared with large influencers. Working with several micro influencers is actually cheaper than recruiting the services of one large marketer. Furthermore, micro influencers can be provided with experiences like VIP tickets which will also be beneficial to the business as it will maximize the impact of the message driven by the influencer (Kamis, Ang & Welling, 2017). In addition to having more impactful engagement, micro influencers are able to reach a targeted audience whether it is in a specific social class or geographical location. This is especially important for products that have a much targeted market. As social media continues to grow, it creates more opportunity for businesses to leverage the power that micro influencers have. When making the decision on whether to adopt micro influencers, it is therefore important to consider not only the marketing goals but the target market as well since this is fundamental to the impact the influencer will have on consumers.

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