Jón Bragi Gíslason

Rationale - A set of reasons or a logical basis for a course of action or a particular belief


Life is defined by moments, and moments are defined by people. 

Human motivation is the driving force behind all deliberate actions. Motivation is based on emotion—specifically, on the search for positive emotional experiences. 


The city of the future must embody the society of the future, where the people of tomorrow will live, work and play. 

Successful societies are a group of people involved in persistent social interaction.

Societies are characterized by social relations between individuals who share a common future vision and a future state of mind. 

Enabling the city of the future to become a sustainable community of people can be achieved by creating positive social experiences.


Motivation is sparked by positive emotional experiences.

Ghostlamp taps directly into the positive emotional experiences of real people around the world. 

People who authentically share their experience in such a way that inspires others and motivates them towards the same experience.

It creates a demand for the experience and motivation to take action.

Influencers are able to reach millions of people through their social channels and blogs, and Ghostlamp is able to engage people through millions of micro influencers in a hyperlocal and highly personalized manner.

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