Kyle Ackley

Overcoming Advertising Fatigue with Influencer Marketing

As marketers, it’s our goal to build and manage brands that stand out. We work hard to craft a clever combination of new-age marketing tactics blended with traditional “tried-and-true” methods that allow us to differentiate. But with thick competition all taking similar strategies, this has become nearly impossible to achieve.  

From a consumer perspective, brands in any given vertical begin to look the same, causing audiences to lose interest. Compound this with a growing trend that consumers are becoming increasingly numb to digital advertising – 84% of millennials state they don’t like traditional marketing and they’re turned off by it (Forbes) – and you’ve got a challenge. How do we surprise and delight a potential customer who’s seen it all?

With the rise of social media, a method to crack through this shield presents itself in the form of influencers. These social media power-users access, connect, and resonate with large audiences through their authenticity and likeability. Humans are wired to buy from people that they like, and influencers are able to bridge that gap for brands.

If you’re looking to add influencer marketing into your strategy, you’re not alone. This trend is taking shape, with 57% of marketers looking to integrate it in all marketing activities over the next three years (TopRank Marketing). There are several ways to incorporate influencer marketing: in-house, agency, and platform.

  • In-house – This is the most DIY approach, and comes with a lot of time-consuming manual work. It requires your organization to create an internal structure for finding, hiring, paying, and grading your influencers on an ongoing basis.
  • Hire an agency – Many advertising and creative agencies have their own in-house team or third-party partner to manage the process, but this costs a premium and you risk losing control of your content.
  • Partner with an Influencer Platform – Solutions like Ghostlamp use technology and expertise to manage the entire flow for you. This is often the most economical way to both outsource influencer management and stay involved throughout the process.

As with any new initiative, it’s important to evaluate the different options and select what makes the most sense for your brand and in-house team. If influencer marketing is something you’re considering for your 2019 marketing plan, I recommend partnering with an influencer platform.  Give Ghostlamp the opportunity to share how an influencer platform can help your brand capture the attention of your target audience in an authentic and memorable way.

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