Halldór Jörgensson

Influencer marketing success criteria

Three things that will decide the success of your influencer marketing campaign

Your brand

-         Your brand needs to be suitable for influencer marketing. FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) tend to be a sweet spot. Also, product launches and re-branding. If you are selling say turbines for hydraulic power plants it is less likely you will find success.

Your audience

-         The audience you are targeting needs to be on the media you plan to use. Otherwise you will have a miss. The average age of people on social media is increasing but shooting above a certain age may not give you the results you desire.

Your influencers

-         You need to make sure influencers want to associate themselves (their personal name) with your brand. Influencers are their own brand and for them to put their heart and soul into creating something amazing for your brand, they need to like it enough to become motivated to help you.

There is more, such as how instructions to influencers are written, which is an art on its own and the key canvas of painting a successful picture of your brand.

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