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Ghostlamp’s Influencer Generated Content Guidelines

Ghostlamp is a platform that’s all about creating authentic experiences. As such we want to emphasise the importance of ingenuity when creating branded content. 

Ingenuity is defined as the quality of being clever, original and inventive.  

Influencers should follow these guidelines when creating content in collaborations with brands on the Ghostlamp platform. We believe these guidelines will help influencers gain more credibility amongst their followers when creating branded content.

  1. Only participate in campaigns you’re actually interested in.

    This is very important. Campaigns that revolve around products, services, events or causes you care about that are (or might actually be) a part of your everyday life are exactly the types of campaigns you should participate in. By doing this you not only earn credibility amongst your followers but you may also increase your overall rating on the Ghostlamp platform. 

  2. When participating in campaigns on Ghostlamp please avoid the following when creating your content:

    a) Pasting snippets onto your Instagram content.

    b) Mimic traditional advertisements like your content is a billboard (unless that is the campaign purpose).

  3. Don't buy fake followers or engagement. This behaviour is not acceptable on Ghostlamp.

    a) Ghostlamp pays influencers based on their authentic influence and relevance to each campaign.

    b) Ghostlamp has ways to determine if an influencer has purchased fake followers and engagement.

    c) Influencers who have purchased either followers or engagement might result in being banned from using Ghostlamp’s services and will thereby not receive further campaign invites. 

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