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Explaining EPIC, The Unified Engagement Metric

What is it?

EPIC (Engagement Per Influencer Campaign) is engagement from people in your influencer target group on highly personalized and relevant influencer generated content.

Why does it exist?

EPIC was created to simplify campaign progress to customers. Ghostlamp gathers all the different types of engagement (likes, comments, story views etc.) across social platforms, translates each type into an EPIC value and displays the total EPIC received for each campaign.

How does it work?

On Ghostlamp you buy a number of EPIC’s ...not a number of influencers or pieces of content.

Ghostlamp guarantees the EPIC amount you purchase and if you end up getting more EPIC's than you purchased, no worries that's just a bonus for you at no additional cost. It usually means that your briefing was good, the influencers liked the campaign and it resonated well with your audience.

Ghostlamp contracts as many influencers as possible for each campaign, without sacrificing the quality of selected influencers.

What else does Ghostlamp do with it?

EPIC is also a means in which Ghostlamp prices influencers, however this is something that brands and agencies are never exposed to but important to understand.

Ghostlamp calculates how much EPIC influencers are estimated to deliver in the next campaign based on their social media history. Influencer rewards are calculated on a regular basis and can vary between campaigns.

Numerous factors can affect influencer rewards:

Evolution of social media history.

Social activity.

Ratio between followers and engagement.

Hashtag usage.

Influencer response time.

Campaigns delivered vs. campaigns accepted ratio.


Quality of content.

A model that fosters authenticity.

Ghostlamp finds the most relevant influencers for your campaign based on your targeting, but in the end it’s always up to the influencers whether they want to accept or decline your campaign invitation. Influencers are natural filters on the content that they post and Ghostlamp encourages influencers to only take part in campaigns that they’re actually interested in. If influencers start taking on irrelevant campaigns that don’t suit their interests, there are some chances that these influencers might lose credibility amongst their followers, which means they drop in engagement and might even lose followers. And because influencers are priced in real-time based on their estimated EPIC delivery influencers also drop in price, fostering authenticity for your brand on the platform.

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