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Activate Your Local Tribe

This blog post is about how you can run a successful hyperlocal influencer marketing campaign for your brand.

Past decades, companies have strived to gain global appeal, but now they’ve started to realize that consumers need a personal relationship with the brands they use. People love to feel like they're connected and receive privileged information as part of a group. Thus big brands have begun to collaborate with micro influencers to increase their brand's authenticity.

Although there’s a lot of hype around hyperlocal influencer marketing today, its nothing new. The most simple form of hyperlocal marketing, word of mouth, has been around for ages. Whether we are aware of it or not, we all have influence within our personal network. Now social media has made it possible for brands to create effective and authentic word of mouth campaigns, by using hyperlocal influencers.

Engaging in micro communities allows brands of all sizes to target and activate their local customers, by using word of mouth marketing within the influencers personal network. Until now, brands have mainly built their influencer campaigns around celebrities, but with more engagement & authenticity, reach for spending’s and narrowly demographic concentrated campaigns, hyperlocals have started to gain increased attention.

 “For brands, the key to actively engaging their target audiences is by reaching them within their everyday lives. By connecting with the right consumers at the right place and time, brands are much more likely to make a lasting impact and see a return on investment than they are with generic marketing campaigns.” - Amish Tolia, Pear’s Chief of Strategy

#PassTheLoveBack is a great example of a successful hyperlocal campaign

With their #PassTheLoveBack campaign Mondelez’s, Ritz Bits managed to build a positive relationship with soccer moms, by targeting youth soccer teams. Resulting in over 100,000 engagements and 77% increase in purchasing amongst their target demographic.

Daniel Wellington has built his entire marketing strategy around influencers

By building their entire marketing strategy around influencers, Daniel Wellington has managed to go from a start-up to a $228 million global fashion brand. Started in 2011 by the Swede, with $30,000 from his own pocket. He leveraged on influencers and became Europe’s fastest growing private company three years in a row (2014 -2016).

It is a common knowledge that companies who leverage up on new marketing trends, tend to out play their competitors. Today the trend happens to be hyperlocal influencer marketing. But what is the key behind an effective hyperlocal campaign? Check out my next blog post: “5 Tips on creating an effective hyperlocal campaign

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