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5 Tips on creating an effective hyperlocal campaign

Specify your goals

What is it that you want to achieve with your campaign. Do you need to drive traffic to your location, introduce new products/features, communicate your story telling or just increase brand awareness?

Take a look at what you are doing in marketing already and use hyperlocals to exhilarate those marketing activities. For example, many firms spend large budgets on PR events, but aren’t getting a lot of exposure out of them. By using the hyperlocals you can broadcast your events to the right demographic within your local community.


Define your target audience

Spend your marketing budget efficiently. Know the basics, age, gender, location, but also define what type of people your customers are.

Ask yourself, what does my brand stand for and who resonates with that?

If you haven’t nailed down your target audience yet, study your analytics!


Study your analytics

Study the type of people that are engaging with your content. Read the comments followers make in your campaigns and get to know what triggers them. By studying your analytics, you might also find a new group of customers that you haven’t been paying attention to.

Discover new groups of customers by studying the difference between the people who are exposed to your content and those who are engaging with it.


Make it relevant and authentic

The savviest marketers remain relevant and engaged with their customers. Build your campaign around something that sparks emotion with your customers, as Nissan has successfully done with their #SheDrives campaign.

Women in Saudi Arabia are allowed to drive for the first time in June 2018. #SheDrives shows emotional content of women taking their first driving lesson. By relating to what is happening in society your brand stays relevant and your campaigns will have increased engagement.

Make it fun, make it easy

Always think to yourself, would it be fun for me to be a part of this campaign? By making the campaign fun, the influencers will deliver far better content and chances are, their followers may start to partake in the campaign, increasing your network of brand ambassadors.


For more information about Ghostlamp's analytics, examples of campaigns and more, check out this presentation.

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